Professional logistics experience
SGIT is an international shipping expert with years of experience in handling complex logistics. Well understanding of the various rules and regulations international trade, as well as the best practices for cross-border transportation.

Advantage freight
We build good relationship with our suppliers which enables us to negotiate competitiver rates for our customer. That means , compared to arranging transportation by yourself, you can usually save time and cost on shipping through SGIT company.

Risk Management
There are inherent risks in international transportation, such as Goods damage, Delivery delays, and customs issues during transportation. Our company can help mitigate these risks by providing insurance, professional customs declaretion service , and shipments tracking .

Global network
SGIT has a global network of partners and agents, which enables us to provide transportation services to almost anywhere in the world. This is valuable for customers to expand new business or establish new supply chains.

Simplify communication
SGIT serves as a single contact windown for all your transportation needs, which helps simplify communication and processes. You don't have to manage multiple carriers and service providers, but collaborate with our company to coordinate all your transportation needs.


Submit Time

Choose a suitable route for e-commerce based on customers' needs for different timelines, with the comprehensive goal of shortest flight distance and highest cost-effectiveness

Customs Clearance

Professional customs clearance agent for destination ports in various countries.

Port of destination

Select arrival ports based on different time periods and destination port information to improve customs clearance efficiency

Last mile delivery

Advantage delivery service provider and account