Shanghai General Intermodal Transport Co., Ltd. (SGIT) is a leading international freight forwarding company that provides high-quality comprehensive logistics services. Business cover international air freight, sea freight, Rail and truck transportation,warehousing logistics, international express delivery, destination clearance, door-to-door delivery and other businesses. we participate in conferences worldwide,and take a customer first approach to the partnerships we form. Our reliable Ocean, Air, Rail and truck capacity allows us to create unique logistics solutions for even the most complex challenges our customers face. Project also include cross-border e-commerce logistics special line,Logistics to Amazon (USA/EUR/ AUS/North America ), overseas warehousing and last mile delivery as well as various related freight forwarding and logistics business consulting.
For customers: to achieve ease of use, safety, smoothness, and online coverage; For partners: creating platforms for participating in global trade and successful entrepreneurship For employees: create a stage where they can leverage their strengths and jointly create a career; For society: creating more job opportunities and sharing a new business civilization

Logistics environment
The company has cooperation agreements with multiple sea and air transportation companies, with advantages in sea and air transportation in multiple countries such as the United States, Australia, and Europe. The United States, Australia, and Germany have cooperated with multiple local logistics suppliers, including flat semi-trailers, high rail vehicle carriers, box cars, semi enclosed vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, special transportation vehicles, and self provided small distribution trucks; There is sufficient transportation support capacity. The company has established long-term strategic partnerships with multiple large and medium-sized enterprises. With a rigorous operational system and continuously improving service network, we wholeheartedly provide customers with safe, fast, professional, and accurate logistics services.
Relying on strong cargo transportation, onshore resources, and the overall strength of overseas institutions, we extend and improve logistics supply chain management, and win the trust of customers with our unique project management and services. ———
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